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History of
Palais Cavriani

As early as the 14th century, a building, which was in the possession of a family from Kapellen until at least 1384, stood in the spot of today's palace. Afterwards, traces of the palace were lost until the mid-16th century, when it was mentioned as the "Pittichin house". In 1567, it came into the possession of mintmaster Hans Hartmann. Ownership then passed to Conrad von Pappenheim after constable Maximilian von Pappenheim purchased the property.

Cavriani family

In 1605, Octavius Cavriani acquired the palace and established it as an entailed estate (a type of inherited estate). He remained childless and so his nephew, Count Friedrich Cavriani, was the rightful heir.

In 1723, court chamber counselor, Count Maximilian Cavriani, had today's palace built on the site of the previous building, which was one of the most magnificent aristocratic buildings at the time. The building complex spans the entire depth of the row of houses and extends to the Bräunerstrasse. Both facades are unique and of high quality: on the side of the Habsburgergasse, the palace stands out with its High Baroque facade with a Corinthian columned entrance, balustraded balcony, and elaborate window decoration. Corinthian plaster dominates the appearance of the building. The facade facing the Bräunerstrasse is no less striking and has richer architectural embellishments but fewer elaborate window frames. Mounted above the entrance is a group of figures consisting of an early Baroque Madonna, St. Leopold, and St. Florian. Ownership remained in the Cavriani family until 1923. 

Generali Versicherung

The palace then came into the possession of Generali Versicherung, which divided it into apartments and business premises and rented it out. Housed on the 3rd floor of "Palais Cavriani" was "Pension Vrtl", once a boarding school for boys that was dedicated to training and the military in Vienna. One of the famous "guests" at the palace is said to have been Oskar Bronner.

Pertschy family

In the early 1960s, the Pertschy family took over this small guesthouse with 12 rooms. In the years that followed, vacant rooms and business premises were gradually added. Today, the palace, whose 2-story roof truss is still original, houses the renowned Pertschy hotel with 55 stylish rooms, all of which are accessible with a modern panoramic elevator.

50 years Pertschy

2014 was a special year for us: We celebrated our 50th anniversary!
As 1964 Sebastian & Christl Pertschy started their european dream with a little B&B in the centre of Vienna, they couldn't imagine the exciting growth to the ****Pertschy Palais Hotel. We expanded without changing any of our good essentials like personalized service, viennese charme and individuality.

Pertschy Palais Hotel
Pertschy Palais Hotel
Pertschy Palais Hotel
Pertschy Palais Hotel
Pertschy Palais Hotel