Culinary enjoyment
in the city of Vienna


The Griechenbeisl is one of Vienna's oldest restaurants. Beethoven, Schubert, Strauss, Nestroy, and Count Zeppelin, just to name a few, were guests at the Griechenbeisl during their lifetimes. You can still enjoy traditional Viennese cuisine and a cozy atmosphere here. Whether in summer in the "schanigarten" (outdoor seating) or in winter in the vaulted dining lounge, at the Griechenbeisl, you can experience a piece of the real Vienna. 

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Come as a guest and leave as a friend! Awaiting you at the Hinterholz is Viennese and international cuisine in a rustic atmosphere. A cozy, unique ambiance and lively music will make your stay an unforgettable experience.

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The "Ofenloch" was first mentioned in 1704. Today, it is a very popular restaurant with excellent Viennese cuisine and a unique ambiance.

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Since 1905, this restaurant has offered guests something special: a Viennese way of life! Small but exquisite: this is the motto of this magnificent Viennese restaurant. A special eye-catcher are the waiters, who bring mouth-watering dishes to the table in timelessly elegant tuxedos.  

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Kern Beisl

Here you can enjoy delicacies, excellent wines, and fine brandies. The Kern Beisl was opened in 1962. It has been passed down from generation to generation and is still owned by the Kern family. 

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Bermuda Bräu

The hotspot right in the famous "Bermuda Triangle". Here, you can dive in, disappear, or simply enjoy a comfortable wining and dining experience. Along with culinary temptations, the loving ambiance invites you to linger a little longer.

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You can go to this cafe and savor traditional Viennese dishes and delicious snacks or simply enjoy a glass of wine. The Stadtwirt is the ideal meeting point to get to know people or bring your day to an end in a stylish atmosphere. Here, you can experience Viennese inn tradition. 

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Zum Schwarzen Kameel

The restaurant "Zum Schwarzen Kameel" was founded in 1618. This restaurant is divided into several areas. There is the bar, the restaurant, the 1st floor, the patisserie, and the wine cellar. The interior is over 100 years old. "The kitchen team provides a program that ideally corresponds to the house: Viennese and international classics of the highest level and with the highest standards of product quality." Gault Millau 2010

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Motto am Fluss

Motto am Fluss at the "Wien-City" ship station is the new, multifaceted recreational island on the Danube canal. With a restaurant, cafe, and shop, there is something for every occasion and to suit every taste.  

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The heart of this famous restaurant is constituted by Viennese cuisine - with all its facets and culinary advantages. It is especially known for its excellent beef dishes. The Tafelspitz (boiled beef) is the most famous of the many beef specialties here.  

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Under the modernized, old arches, you can choose between traditional Austrian or Italian-style dishes. This is the perfect restaurant for a quick, uncomplicated meal. 

Do & Co Stephansplatz

The DO & CO Stephansplatz restaurant entices guests with the best cuisine from all over the world:

  • Variety of spices in the wok 
  • The finest sushi and sashimi
  • Oriental classics
  • Viennese cuisine

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In this restaurant, there is not only sweet & savory pancakes but also a few dishes of Viennese cuisine as well as the famous Kaiserschmarren pancakes.

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Schweizer Haus

The Schweizer Haus is a traditional restaurant and became known for its perfectly tapped Budweiser beer and pork knuckle. The restaurant, located in the middle of the Prater, has a large outdoor dining area, where time can simply be forgotten. Many Viennese specialties are awaiting you.   

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Zum Martin Sepp

"Zum Martin Sepp" stands for: tradition-conscious, quality-conscious, self-conscious. The goal is to perfectly combine the typical, cozy Grinzig wine tavern atmosphere with an exceptionally large selection of first-class wines and exquisite dishes.

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The 2 terraces of this restaurant offer an unforgettable view. With a view of Vienna, the Danube, and Bisamberg all the way to the foothills of the Carpathians, you can enjoy magnificent homestyle cuisine.

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Al Borgo

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